Betty Who To Experiment With Her Sound On Her Sophomore Album

Betty Who is gearing up to get back on the road and perform new music from her sophomore album. With the record slated for release later this year, Betty will be in and out of the studio this summer putting the finish touches on her follow up to ‘Take Me When You Go’.

Who was slated to preview new music at Gov Ball last month, but a bout of rain cancelled her set and we’re without a taste of her new LP. Thankfully, Betty sat down with Entertainment Weekly that weekend to share a few secrets about what we can expect from her second album.

I’ve experimented a lot. I don’t mean like indie and atonal—I haven’t experimented that much. But I’ve definitely tried to find the holes in the last record. I’ve learned so much from touring: “Okay, I’m on stage and this song makes me feel really awesome, but I don’t like the feeling of that song.” I had to identify why I feel the way I do and put that information directly into the writing process for this album. I wanted it to be a record that I was excited to play live. That’s my favorite thing about what I do: performing and being with people and dancing especially.

We might be assuming things, but it sounds like Betty is taking her sound to the next level! She’s always had an upbeat, get-on-your-feet quality to her music and it’s pretty common for artists to take what they’ve learned from touring and channel it into their music.

If anything, we should be the most excited about the stories she’s ready to share on this record. Betty shared that she’s reunited with Peter Thomas for this record and brought along songwriting superstars MNEK and Justin Tranter to help her dig deeper for this record.

I’m more interested in emotional range and trying to accomplish multiple stories at once, as opposed to this one overarching [theme], “I’m a romantic and I’m always broken-hearted!” That’s kind of how the first record felt to me. Now it feels more like I’m telling 12 or 13 different stories. I wanted to show more of myself. If I’m angry, be angry. If I’m sad, be sad. If I want to feel sexy, I want to do that specifically. I tried to hit the emotions all the way to the fullest extent, as opposed to dipping my toe in the water.

A change in thematics could prove to expose Betty to a wider audience – she’s one of pop’s brightest rising stars and long overdue for a breakout. Betty always has a knack for writing insanely fun and catchy lyrics. Putting her in space with two of the genre’s best contemporary writers? Call it a match made in pop heaven!

Are you chomping at the bit for Betty’s new record?

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