Introducing: Aaron Pfeiffer

Brace yourself – New York artist, Aaron Pfeiffer, is about to take over your spring playlist with his debut single, ‘Can’t Shake This’!

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Aaron’s love for gospel, jazz, Neo-Soul and R&B has brought him to this crucial point in his career – his debut EP ‘Nightcall’ that’s dropping later this summer.

Produced by Justin Portis and Eric Denniston, his single ‘Can’t Shake This’ is something everyone can relate to. You know, when you get caught up in a one sided relationship and you just start to realize what the deal is.

It’s a great start for Aaron! His sound, so far, has an ambient 80’s pop&b infused quality to it – something we hope he explores more on his EP.

*Shout out to Jon Ali for putting Aaron on our radar!

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