Introducing: Erik Hassle

What do you get when you combine Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake, and (before creepy/desperate) Robin Thicke? Swedish pop singer Erik Hassle!

The fact that Erik is from Sweden says something…you already know what you’re in for when it comes to his music. Flawless pop melodies, incredible lyricism, and stellar vocals. All seem to be present on his brand new single, ‘No Words’!

A bit about Erik: He hails from Katrineholm, Stockholm and studied at the same exact music school that Robyn did. He’s got a string of top 40 hits in Sweden, found international success with his single, ‘Hurtful’, and toured with Mika!

Not too bad for a boy from Katrineholm, right?

As for ‘No Words’, it may add nothing new to the pop landscape, but if anything, it’s a solid mellow R&B with just a layer of funk injected into it’s DNA. The best part about ‘No Words’? It takes such a simple thing, like falling in love, and transforms it into something larger than life.

Those Swedes and their pop music, man…

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